Organic Food: 3 Food Items you can easily grow at home

Organic Food is seeing a rise in popularity once again due to the health issues that come with processed food items. And what better way to get used to it than growing your own food items?


Now, we have plenty of time as well to set up our home gardens and start growing our own food. We are going to list down three such organic food items which can be grown easily at home.

  • Peppers: Pepper is an integral part of many recipes out there. They can be grown in a slight warm temperature by sowing pepper seeds deep inside a soil container which is around 16 inches deep.
  • Herbs: Herbs like mint, thyme, basil and cilantro can be easily grown at home. Adding them to your diet brings a lot of health benefits and can add an extra flavour as well.
  • Baby Onions: These can be grown from seedlings, scraps of scallions or the scallion plant. The best practice would be to keep the plant in water for a week and let the root grow. Once the same happens, you can plant it in the soil.

Once you have started with easy food items like these, you can move on to bigger ones and experiment yourself with your home garden.

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