Dark Chocolate: Does it really have an anti-ageing property?

We all know the fact that dark chocolate provides important health benefits. It is because it has a high content of flavonoids. It is also a mood enhancer, a brain booster, and a cancer-fighting dessert.

Chocolate is classified into dark, white, and milk according to how much raw cocoa it contains. The higher the percentage of raw cocoa, the greater the antioxidant activity.

Cocoa beans contain naturally occurring phytochemicals that probably protect you from health issues. As per the recent studies, it is proved that cocoa beans also have an anti-ageing property.

Dark chocolates can do wonders for your skin. It helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles caused by excessive exposure to the sun. It even helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots by blocking the breakdown of the dermal matrix.

The minerals like copper, iron, and zinc present in dark chocolate, promote new cell growth. This, in turn, discard dead cells and allows the fresh skin to breathe freely.

Eat 20g of chocolate daily and earn a smooth, and clear skin and maintain a youthful appearance. It could also lower the risk of developing skin cancer. Always go for chocolate with at least 70% cocoa for maximum antioxidants and minimum added sugar.

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