Appetite Loss: 3 Reasons That You Should Know About

Appetite loss is something that most of us would have come across at one point or the other.


It is basically the scenario of not feeling hungry and at the same time, not knowing why it is happening. While on the surface, there might not be a lot of issues; there are certain things that you should watch out for.

We will be listing down three issues that could be the reason for appetite loss in people.

  • Age: Age can play a major role when it comes to your desire to eat well. As your age increases, you are likely to see a decline in your interest to eat.
  • Anxiety: A lot of stress hormones have a direct link with your hunger. They can slow down the digestion and make you eat less.
  • Depression: This is one of the most common causes. Not only your hunger, but it can also have an impact on your sleep and in turn, mess up your health. If you are having any of these signs, it would be recommended to open up to someone about the same.

No matter what the situation is, it is important to consume nutritious and healthy food to keep your body ticking.

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