3 Food Items that Women should include in their diet

It’s no secret that there are many biological differences between men and women. The metabolic rates are completely different and so is the muscle mass and the reproductive functions.

And due to all this, there are certain food items that can work specifically for women. We will be listing down three such food items that can help women lead a healthy life.

  • Fatty Fish: Consuming fishes like salmon or sardine a couple of times in a week is good for women. These fish have Omega-3 acids which keeps a long list of health problems away.
  • Flax seeds: Just like the fish, flax seeds are also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. They also have fiber, protein, magnesium and calcium as well.
  • Dark Beans: Dark Beans are rich in protein and fiber which can reduce the risk of breast cancer and heart diseases.

Along with all these, including tomatoes, Milk and Yogurt among others to the diet is also recommended for women.

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