Why Hot Dog is called a Hot Dog? Find Out

Hot Dogs need no introduction. It is one of the most popular food items in the planet and it is showing no signs of leaving that status anytime soon.

Despite the popularity, have you ever wondering why a Hot Dog is called a Hot Dog? Well, there is a story behind this.

It is believed that the hot dog got its name back in 1901 thanks to a New York based sports cartoonist, Tad Dorgon. Vendors were selling the food item in the New York Polo Grounds and screaming ‘Get your red hot, Dachshund sausages here’ because of the resemblance it had with the Dachshund dog breed.

Dorgon, who did not know how to spell Dachshund, decided to go with a shortened version ‘Hot Dog’ for his cartoon that he was working on. This cartoon that Dorgon drew became a huge hit and is believed to be what gave the food item its name.

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