Is it Jupiter or Is it Dosa? Here is what confused Twitter last day

An image of Jupiter which was released by NASA back in 2000 is trending once again on Twitter.

The image, which is made up of multiple images captured by narrow-angle camera on board the space agency’s Cassini spacecraft, is capturing the imagination of the social media community as they are comparing it with the Indian food item Dosa.

For the uninitiated, Dosa is basically a rice pancake which originated in South India and is one of the most popular breakfast items in India.

The resemblance of the two resulted in a flood of tweets about the topic.

“Who else thinks it’s a sizzling Dosa about to be smeared with some butter and loaded with a chunk of bhaji stuffing before being turned over and served with hot Sambhar and coconut chutney,” one of the users tweeted.

Another person pushed the idea of having a ‘Jupiter Dosa’ in the menu of restaurants while interestingly, some twitter users also compared it with a cup of creamy coffee as well.

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