Vitamin D: Here are the food items that you should be eating

The cases of Vitamin D deficiencies are on the rise all over the world. It has been a cause of concerns for medical experts for quite some time now as the vitamin plays a crucial role in the functioning of our bodies.

For the uninitiated, Vitamin D is what helps our body to absorb calcium from the food which in turn is needed for our bones, muscles, hair and teeth. So how can you get your dose of Vitamin D? We are going to list down three food items below.

  • Dairy Products: Dairy Products such as milk, yogurt, cheddar cheese, buttermilk, and Parmesan cheese and great sources of Vitamin D.
  • Fish: Salmon and Tuna are great sources of Vitamin D and they also include Omega 3 fatty acids which can bring more health benefits.
  • Mushroom: Mushrooms are high in nutrients including Vitamin D. Mushrooms can be easily included in your diet through pasta, pizza, sandwiches or even omelettes.

Adding these food items to your diet can give you the required dose of Vitamin D. Also, you can spend some time under the sun to get some Vitamin D exposure.  

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