What is a Monsoon Diet and How Important is it?

We might have not heard a lot about the monsoon diet but it is something that you should know about. Monsoon diet is a diet plan suited for monsoon seasons. It is mainly a plan which gives you healthy food options to be consumed and avoided during monsoon.

You might be wondered whether it is really necessary to follow a diet plan for the rainy season: the answer is yes.

It is actually very important to have a diet plan for monsoon seasons. It is said that you crave to eat more during rainy seasons since the sunlight is blocked. This results in the decrease of the hormone serotonin in your body which in turn results in cravings.

The rainy season is a time period many feel sick as well. One important factor for it is an unbalanced diet. During cold climates, the body dehydrates a lot but we won’t feel it and the digestion process is slow. All these can be overcome by having a Monsoon Diet.

During rainy seasons it’s important to stay hydrated. Eat Seasonal Fruits and Consume green and bitter veggies. Avoid fish, meat-based food, and eating outside. Try following a monsoon diet as it would help you boost your immunity and stay healthy.

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