Barley Water: Why you should drink it if you are looking to lose weight

We might have a strict schedule to lose those extra pounds that we have on us. At the same time, we are always on the lookout for something that can optimize our efforts. Fortunately, there are many food items which can boost the process of losing weight and Barley Water is one among them.

Basically a drink made from water which is cooked with barley, Barley water can be mixed with a sweetener, fruit juice or even lemon juice.

So how does it help in weight loss?

It is known to keep the body hydrated and at the same time, aids in smooth digestion. While it contains a lot of calories, the amount of fat is very less in the water which means that you will have the energy without the bad impacts of fat.

When it is combined with a good diet and exercise, barley water can boost up your weight loss efforts.

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