3 Tips to reduce Food wastage in your kitchen

The amount of food wasted every day is a growing concern across the globe. While our hands might be tied at a larger scale, we can always do our bit to control the same and reduce the amount of food wasted from our kitchens.

There are some easy tips you can employ for the same and we will be taking a look at them today.

  • Use overripe bananas for baking or shakes: When bananas become overripe, we usually throw them out. Instead of that, you can use them for baking cakes or making shakes.
  • Cook shorter-shelf life ingredients first: When you are cooking, make a point to cook the ingredients with shorter-shelf life first to avoid them getting wasted.
  • Keep an eye on the milk: Milk is one of those food items which can be ruined easily. It is important to keep a track of the expiry date of your milk to avoid such issues.

Doing these three small tips can go a long way and help you to reduce the food wastage in your kitchen.

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