Monsoon: Here are some healthy changes for your diet

We know that the monsoon season brings a lot of health issues with it. The cold weather causes some immunity issues and along with it, it causes slow digestion as well. Due to this, we need to take extra precautions about what we eat and drink during the monsoons.

Below are some tips that you can follow during the Monsoon season.

  • Try eating seasonal fruits like apple, cherries, papayas among others.
  • Lower the salt intake to reduce water withholding by the body
  • Avoid watery foods like buttermilk, rice, and watermelons.
  • Avoid street foods and reduce the usage of meat.
  • Avoid raw salad or vegetables. Just boil or steam it a little.
  • Using a little bit of garlic in your food will improve your immunity.
  • Having bitter based vegetables will boost your immunity.

The monsoon season is a time period when we have to be more careful with the food and drinks we consume. Try following healthy diet tips this monsoon and also, avoid tap water and drink only boiled water.

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