Seafood Dishes: Three Cooking Tips That You Should Know

Seafood is something that most of us love. The experience of eating seafood dishes is something different altogether and cooking them, meanwhile, is a magical journey.

While it is an enjoyable thing to do, there should be certain things that should be kept in mind when preparing seafood dishes. We will be trying to list down three such tips which can help you prepare great seafood dishes.

  • How to Fillet: Start with the head when you are filleting. It is always recommended to fillet from the back with the knife moving away from you. You can use the backbone of the fish to guide you.
  • How to get rid of the bones: You can use tweezers and pliers to get rid of the bones. Grab the tip of the bone and pull it out firmly after keeping the fish on a flat surface.
  • Select the right fish: When you are planning to make a recipe, it is important to use the right fish. Make sure that your choice will work well with the other ingredients in the recipe and that it will meet the cooking time and flavours.

Apart from these three tips, you can keep an eye on the cooking time. 8-10 minutes per inch of thickness is ideal while roasting.

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