3 Best Soups to Keep You Warm on a Rainy Day

Sipping on some soup on a cold rainy day can be heavenly. It not only excites your taste buds, but will also give your body a healthy boost. If you are looking for some soup ideas which you can make and eat on a rainy day, below are three options.

  • Red Lentil Soup: Red Lentils are loaded with nutrients and as the recipe has ingredients like garlic, lime juice, celery and cilantro among others, it is quite healthy.
  • French Onion Soup: This soup is easy to make and gives you the health benefits that onions offer. It also has Olive Oil in it along with Garlic which helps boost the immunity.
  • Mushroom Soup with Rice: Mushrooms are a delicacy when it comes to soups. Make sure that you pick the right mushrooms so that your experience is not ruined.

Apart from these, you can try the chicken noodles soup, Minestrone Soup and a long list of other ones. No matter which recipe you pick, make sure that it is something that you would enjoy.  

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