Dessert in Pressure Cooker: Here is what you need to know about the technique

Pressure Cookers are clearly underrated. Before all the new fancy kitchen equipment came along, pressure cookers were the protagonist of the kitchen due to the versatility that they bought to the table.

In fact, there are stories of people even baking cakes in them. Interestingly, the popularity of pressure cooker is slowly on the rise for some reason and people have started to make desserts in them. Recipes likes Apple Cinamon cake, Whole Wheat Banana Walnut Cake and Marble Cake are just some recipes that can be pulled off with a pressure cooker.

There are some benefits of using the pressure cooker for your dessert as well.

Firstly, all the nutrients are retained in the food when it is cooked in pressure cooker. Secondly, the food gets cooked around 70 percent faster when compared to cooking in oven which saves you a lot of electricity and time. Lastly, since cookers are made from stainless steel, there will also be no chemical impact on your food.

So if you are looking to try something new today, try making a dessert in the pressure cooker.

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