Did you know Salmon is a keystone species?

The list of recipes that you can try with Salmon is endless. From slow-cooking to grilling, there are many things that can be down with it. But while enjoying the delicacy, it is also important to understand how Salmon plays a huge role in the ecosystem of our world.

Salmons are considered to be keystone species meaning that they have a huge impact on our ecosystem. If they were to disappear, it would impact its ecosystem largely and in turn, impact the world considerably.

One of the major reasons for this is the transfer of valuable nutrients from sea to land. The rotting carcasses of Salmon are responsible for transferring multiple nutrients. Scientists have been able to trace such nutrients to multiple animals like song birds, bears, insects in addition to trees and herbs.

So the disappearance of salmons is bound to impact all these species leading to a cascading effect.

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