Seasonal Food: 3 Reasons why it is a good idea to eat them

From a young age itself, we’ve been taught to consume a lot of seasonal food items. And if you haven’t thought about it yet, there are plenty of reasons behind this lesson as well.

Today, we will be listing down three such reasons why it is a good idea to eat Seasonal Food Items.

  • Nutrition: The nutrition levels of seasonal food items are low during off-season due to the artificial activities involved during production. From a health perspective, it is always ideal to consume such food items during the season itself.
  • Cost Effective: Buying seasonal food items during their exact season can save you a lot of money as people could push up the prices in the off-season period.
  • Less risk of contamination: Due to the easy availability of the food items, the risk of contamination during the season is less compared to the risk during off-season.

So make sure that you get your dose of seasonal food items every now and then.

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