The Color of Egg Yolk: What is the importance of it? Find out

If you are someone that doesn’t give importance to the color of Egg Yolk, it is about time you started noticing it. Despite the popularity of egg, most of us don’t give importance to the small details.

However, it is something that has many meanings scientifically. The color of the yolk can give you an idea about the nutritional content in the egg as per scientists. In a study published in the Journal of Food science, it was noted that egg yolks with darker color have more Omega-3 when compared to the egg yolks which are lighter in color.

Additionally, the yolks with darker color usually comes from pasture-raised hens whose diet is made up of worms, fresh grass, and grasshopper. Since the diet is rich in carotenoids, the color of the egg yolk also is darker.

If the color of the yolk is lighter, it is likely that the egg came from a hen which had a vegetarian diet. Despite these differences, the nutritional value of eggs need not necessarily change much depending on the color of the yolk.

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