Are Sesame Seeds Good for Diabetes? Find Out

Diabetes is a health condition that occurs when either the body produces no insulin hormone, or when the body is not able to process the blood sugar effectively. Diabetes patients are often advised to eat only healthy foods, in order to prevent sudden spikes or dips in the blood sugar level.

Here we will see about sesame seeds, their health benefits, and their role in controlling the blood sugar level. Sesame seeds are:

Rich in antioxidants: Sesame seeds can keep toxins out of your body. It helps the body to function efficiently. Antioxidants may put off your risk of developing diabetes, and may also improve insulin production and use in your body.

Low carbohydrate: Sesame seeds have low carbohydrate content. It adds the benefits of blood sugar control. Low carbohydrate content means less sugar, which means controlled blood sugar.

Rich in plant protein: Sesame seeds are rich in plant protein called methionine and cysteine. Protein is essential in building the hormones in the body, including insulin.

Boosts immunity: Sesame seeds have rich nutrient content and thus improve immunity. Having diabetes can put you at risk of other diseases also, and therefore good immunity is important to fight those diseases. 

It’s good to add roasted sesame seeds to your salads and vegetarian or meat preparations or simply munch on them between meals to keep your blood sugar levels under check. 

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