Carnitas: Here is Everything You Need to Know

Everyone who loves Mexican Food would’ve come across Carnitas. Carnitas, in a literal sense means little meats. Made from pork, the carnitas are ideal for slow cooking or crockpot sessions and manages to bring the authentic Mexican twist to the food outings.

The pork used for Carnitas are usually seasoned and braised until it is tender. It is a process that will take around three to four hours but it is something that is worth it. Herbs like bay leaves, garlic among others are also used during this process after which the meat is usually oven-roasted until it is a bit crispy.

This process of making the meat crispier breaks down the collagen content drastically. Due to this, a person who eats it can easily pull it apart with finger or fork.

Carnitas are used as popular fillings for burritos, tacos and a string of other food items as well making it one of the most important items in the contemporary Mexican Cuisine.

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