Eating Snacks: What is the impact that it has on your appetite? Find out

When we hear the word ‘Snack’, we usually associate it with processed food items which are unhealthy for us. However, on a larger picture, a snack is something that we consume in between our meals.

Although the impact that eating snacks have on our appetite is debatable, there are certain concrete points that can be agreed upon.

Firstly, snacking increases your calorie intake for the day. It is a no brainer and unless you burn those extra calories, it will result in long-term health issues or accumulation of fat.

Then again, this depends on the type of snack that you have. Some Studies have found that eating protein-rich and high-fiber snacks might help you lose weight. The string of contradicting studies makes it hard to generalize the impact of snacking.

It is mostly dependent on the individual and his or her health condition but a general rule to follow would be to have healthy snacks if you are indeed someone who loves to eat between the meals.

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