Turkey: Three Interesting Facts That You Should Know

Turkey is a centerpiece dish for many celebrations across the world. It has turned into something that is unavoidable during holidays.

And there are some interesting facts about the food item as well that most people don’t know. We will be listing down three such interesting facts below.

Thanksgiving Stat: According to estimates, around 88% of Americans eat Turkey at Thanksgiving. At the same time, an estimated 19 million turkeys are eaten during Easter.

Mayan Civilization: A study conducted by the University of Florida back in 2012 noted that the domestication and consumption of Turkey was present in the Mayan Civilization.

The combination: Turkey is a combination of white meat and dark meat. An average 15 pound turkey has around 70% White meat and 30% Dark meat.

Next time you sit across the dinner table to eat a turkey; don’t forget to throw in these interesting facts.

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