Food Ideas: Healthy Cakes You Can Try While Being on a Diet

While being on a diet, you will surely have a lot of food restrictions. Desserts and cakes will surely be among those favorite food items which you would be missing while being on a healthy diet.

You will probably be carving to have a slice of your favorite cake but your diet might restrict you from trying a slice of the same. But the thing is, you can find healthy cakes which will not affect your keto diet, gluten-free or sugar-free diets.

Here are a few healthy cakes to try while on a diet:

  • Angel food cake made with egg whites and no butter
  • Flourless chocolate cake suitable for paleo and gluten-free diet
  • Protein mug cakes these are filled with healthy proteins
  • Strawberry shortcake with fresh cream and less sugar

You can also make healthy homemade cakes with just reducing the amount of sugar, fat, and ditching processed ingredients like food colorings, and sugar-loaded decorations. All cakes won’t be suitable for all diets. It is better to calculate the macros before you decide to satisfy your sweet tooth with a slice of cake. 

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