Chickpea: Interesting facts that you need to know about the food item

Chickpea might be a regular food item to you but there are plenty of interesting things about it that you probably don’t know.

For instance, Chickpeas were first cultivated around 7500 years back in the Middle East. It was also found in civilisations such as Egypt, Greece and Rome. The importance of Chickpea, however, cannot be limited to being just a food item. It is important for breaking the disease cycle in Wheat and Barley making it an important crop in agricultural history.

When it comes to the health benefits, Chickpeas are a great source of fiber. It helps in keeping the digestive system smooth while also helping to maintain the blood sugar levels.

The leading country in chickpea production is India with Australia coming in at the second position. It also has different names across different countries with Bengal grams, Egyptian peas, Ceci Beans and Kabuli Chana being just some of them.  

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