Cucumber: 3 reasons why you should be eating it

Cucumber is something without which our salads are incomplete. Despite this, it is a food item that is ignored by most of us. However, there are plenty of health benefits if you include cucumber in your diet.

Hydrates you: Each cucumber has about 95% of water content which is essential for your cells to function properly. If your cells don’t have enough water to function, it can lead to dizziness and you can end up being tired.

Packed with Nutrients: Cucumber is packed with nutrients with the most important one being Vitamin K. A single cup of Cucumber slice can give you around 14% to 19% of Vitamin K that you require for the day. There is also the presence of Vitamin B, Vitamin C and minerals like copper, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.

Antioxidants: The presence of Anti-Oxidants present in the cucumber helps to keep the free radicals in place and protects our cells.

There are plenty of more health benefits of cucumber making it one of those food items which you must include in your diet.

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