Tuna: 3 Cooking Tips That You Should Know

Whether it is fresh or from the can, Tuna is favourite food item for many. It is also a versatile food item meaning that you could make a long list of recipes with it.

Despite the availability, getting the perfect Tuna recipe is easier said than done. There are, however, certain tips that you can keep in mind when cooking Tuna.

Cook in Medium-Rare: If you are planning to cook tuna in your home, it is ideal for it to be cooked medium-rare and seared quickly at high heat.

Don’t overcook: It is best to cook until the flesh color changes. Overcooking beyond this could lead to drying of the food item and can easily ruin the experience.

Canned Tuna: The tuna in cans are usually packed with liquids such as oil, water or flavoured sauces. If the recipe you are making requires a broth or flavourful sauce, you can consider the liquid from the can as an ingredient.

Tuna can be used as a substitute for many salmon recipes out there and is something with which you can create tonnes of recipes.

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