Tomato: What are the health benefits? Find out

Tomato is something that we come across on our daily life. It is used in most of the dishes that we make and is used for many salads as well. But did you know that Tomato is known for many health benefits?

The food item is known for improving skin health and reducing the risk of heart diseases and cancer. Below are the reasons why.

Heart Health: Tomato has the presence of lycopene. Several studies have shown that the ingredient is useful for lowering bad cholesterol. Also, the components present in tomato have a protective effect on the inner layer of blood vessels.

Skin Health: The presence of lycopene can protect your skin against sunburn. All you have to do is ingest tomato with some olive oil.

Cancer Prevention: Observational studies have found that consuming tomato and tomato products could reduce the incidents of prostrate, lung and stomach cancer. In women, the high content of carotenoids in tomatoes might aid to reduce risk of breast cancer.

These are just some of the reasons why you should consider including tomatoes in your diet.

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