Do you know about the most expensive Ham in the world?

One of the oldest meats of civilized man, Ham has been a part of the cuisines across the world for a long time now. But did you know that a variation of Ham is considered to be the most expensive meat in the world?

The credit goes to Iberian Ham or jamón Ibérico from Spain. A leg of the Iberian ham can cost as much as $ 4500. So why is it so expensive? It is because the meat comes from a special breed called the black Iberian pigs.

These pigs usually consume a lot of acorns which is one of the reasons for their different flavour. They are found in the southern and western regions of the Iberian Peninsula which has parts of Spain and Portugal. They have high nutritional value as well.

In Spain, the production of the meat is only limited to five regions which makes it one of the rare delicacies as well.

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