Chicken: Here are some interesting food facts you should know

It is safe to say that Chicken is one of the most-eaten meats out there. Its popularity is usually unmatched and the long list of recipes possible with the meat makes it a versatile food item as well.

And along with the popularity, there are some interesting food facts about chicken that you need to know. We will be listing down three such food facts below.

Ancient Egypt Connection: The incubators that are seen in the poultry farms are believed to have ancestors dating back to ancient Egypt. The prototype apparently appeared in Egypt around 4,000 years ago and had the capacity to hold around 10,000 chicks.

The popularity in America: Not surprisingly, chicken is one of the most popular food items in the United States of America. Around 80 pounds of chicken meat is consumed by an average American in a year.

The Nutrition: Our body can derive more than 30 nutritional substances from just 100 grams of chicken.

These are just some of the facts related to chicken that can blow your mind. So next time you sit around a table to eat chicken, don’t forget to throw these in to the discussion.

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