3 Anime foods that you can cook easily

It is impossible not to be mesmerized by Japanese anime foods when they frequently exhibit their exotic cuisine in the most aesthetic ways possible. 

If you’re a Japanophile, here are some foods that would have enchanted you and are easy to make.

Onigiri: It has made a special appearance in almost all anime from ‘Pokemon’ to ‘Spirited Away’ and much more. The rice cake adorning a piece of nori is too cute not to drool over.

Katsudon: The ultimate comfort food- visually, gastronomically, and in every other way possible. It is most famous for its appearance in ‘Yuri!!! on Ice.’ Fried pork cutlet and eggs topping a perfect bowl of warm rice could wipe away all your worries in a matter of minutes. 

Ramen: Every single anime has shown this star dish at least once. Ichiraku ramen in Naruto is the best example. We all can imagine the yumminess of long, stretchy noodles and rice cakes served with thin slices of meat and half-boiled egg, with piping hot broth poured over it.

The list of cute Japanese foods goes on and on. The above foods are relatively easy to cook. Try your hand at these to fall in love with them. 

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