3 Best Crockpot Hacks That You Should Know

The crockpot is one of the most incredible items that you can have in a kitchen. It is used to simmer foods at lower temperatures and for longer periods when compared to other methods of cooking. Here are three crockpot hacks that you should know.

  • Melt chocolate: You can melt Chocolate in your crockpot. Make sure that you don’t get any water inside the jars. The chocolate melts and stays consistently in melted form for up to 3 hours.
  • Stop shopping yogurt: All that’s needed is a half-gallon of milk, and a starter yogurt to make your own yogurt in a crockpot. To get a thicker consistency, strain the homemade yogurt through a cheesecloth for two to three hours.
  • Make DIY candles: Fill up a jar with soy wax. Place a jar inside the slow cooker, surround the jars halfway with boiling water, and add a cotton wick when the wax begins to set. To customize the homemade candles, decorate with fresh herbs.

Crockpot is a lifesaver for many busy families. A slow cooker can save valuable time while slowly cooking a meal throughout the day, and there are so many items that you can make with them as well.

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