Crockpot: Two Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Who needs to cook by hand when you have a crockpot? Throw everything in there in the morning, and forget about it until dinner – there’s nothing better than that, right?

But as easy as crock pots, they come with rules. Here are two common mistakes everyone makes when using crockpots.

  • Using expensive cuts: The fancy cut of meat will definitely take your place at your dinner table, but you don’t need the same when you shop for slow cooker food. Since the slow cooker is low and slow, it is better to cut at a low cost and cook all day.
  • Cooking frozen food: Having frozen food in your crockpot is not a good idea. If you have frozen food in your crockpot, it will take a long time for it to reach a safe temperature for consumption, which increases the risk of having troubles with your stomach.

Keeping your crockpot clean and safe with a cooking spray or slow cooker liner is also something that you should give importance to.

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