Perfect Desserts: 5 Hacks to cook in Crockpot

Slow cooker desserts are the perfect solution to your cravings on lazy days. Here are some crockpot hacks to make the best dessert every single time.

Make dump cakes: All you need is a cake mix and fruit pie filling of your choice along with melted butter. Pour the pie filling into the pot. Prepare a crumble with melted butter and cake mix. Spread it over the filling. Cook for 2 hours and you are done.

Easy fudge: Combine chocolate chips, butter, condensed milk, and vanilla extract in the crockpot and cook. Cool down in the fridge to get the best fudge ever!

Perfect Chocolate fondue: Put a mason jar or bowl with the chocolate in the crockpot. Fill the bottom of the crockpot with water and cook on a low setting.

Prevent Condensation: Drips of condensation may reach your food in the crockpot. Place a towel under the closed lid of your crockpot to prevent it. It is most useful when baking desserts in the crockpot.

Avoid curdling: If your recipes demand cream or cheese, add it towards the end of the cooking to avoid curdling.

Keep these tips in mind for the perfect recipe.

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