Rich Velvety Sauce: How to Make it in Crockpot

Creating velvety thick sauces in crockpots is challenging. It requires a little bit of extra effort but it is worth it. Usually while cooking in slow-cookers, the moisture is trapped within. This certainly makes the resulting dish tender, but with watery sauce. So, how to make a rich thick sauce using a crockpot?

Here are five tips that can help you

  • Flour is a good thickener with multiple possibilities. Mix equal parts of flour and hot water together. Use 2 tablespoons of this slurry mix to 1 part of liquid to thicken it.
  • Starch thickens sauces faster and will not change the color as well. Mix one part of corn starch to two parts of cold water to form a slurry mixture. Use three tablespoons of this mixture per cup of liquid.
  • Sour creams and Whipping creams are best to impart flavor, color, and to make rich creamy sauces. Start by adding half to one cup of cream into the dish and gradually increase as per requirement.
  • Starchy Vegetables could be used as their own thickening agent.
  • The reduction technique is something that you can use. Keeping the lid off from the crockpot can help to thicken your sauce.

Keep these tricks in mind the next time you cook in a crockpot.

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