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Ginger: Here is an easy way to peel them in your kitchen

Peeling a ginger is often seen as a paramount task by many. While it is indeed a hard road to travel on, there are some tricks and hacks that can help you out. We will be taking a look at such a hack today with which you can peel the ginger faster. First, take the…

Mindful Eating: What is it? How to practice it

Mindfulness means focusing on the present moment. Mindful eating means being fully attentive to the food you eat. It allows you to become aware of the positive and nurture opportunities that are available through food selection.  There are a variety of approaches to mindful eating. The simplest method is learning to pay attention to what…

Vitamin D: Here are the food items that you should be eating

The cases of Vitamin D deficiencies are on the rise all over the world. It has been a cause of concerns for medical experts for quite some time now as the vitamin plays a crucial role in the functioning of our bodies. For the uninitiated, Vitamin D is what helps our body to absorb calcium…

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