Artificial Sweeteners: Can it help weight loss?

The biggest selling point of Artificial Sweeteners is that they come with zero calories. On paper, this is supposed to help you cut some pounds, but in reality, that is not the story. These sweeteners have the ability to mess your taste buds, digestion and even hormones. A combination of these three makes you hungrier….

Weight-loss product: This one is making you gain weight

Weight-loss products are becoming more and more common every day. But are these products really what they seem to be? Maybe they are. But they may even have some side effects that give us the opposite of the expected output. We not only use this product for weight-loss but also to reduce our sugar intake,…

Artificial Sweeteners can make you hungrier, here’s how

Food is supposed to quench hunger. If a food makes us eat more food, then basically, we are risking ourselves of getting overweight. Foods laced with artificial sweeteners apparently evoke such a reaction from us. When most of us considered artificial sweeteners as a healthy alternative to sugar, in reality, it could make us hungrier….