WATCH: The crazy amount of sugar hidden in random food items

If you think that eating anything that is not sweet can save you from consuming sugar, think again. Almost all of the random food items out there that we consume on a daily basis has a certain amount of sugar content in them and the video below will give a clear picture about the concept.

WATCH: 14 Food items that cleanse the liver

All of our body parts have specific functions that are essential for a healthy life. Liver, is one such important body part that needs to be taken care of. Eating certain food items can help you to maintain a healthy liver and the video below takes a look at them.

WATCH: Top 5 vending machine hacks

Everyone loves some free food. And what if you could get his free food from the vending machines without losing a penny? Well, the video below showcases some vending machine hacks designed just for this purpose. While the guarantee of success is not, it’s always worth a try as the prize up for grabs is…

WATCH: Top 10 Fast Food Hamburgers

Hamburgers are one of those fast food items that need no introduction. It has been a staple in the fast food world and around the world, there are some hamburgers out there which are must try for the foodies out there. The video below takes a look at them.

WATCH: 6 must try Japanese Food

As foodies, we always have the tendency to explore new food items. Even if we have a comfortable zone around which our likes and dislikes are designed, we might be open to trying new things and giving it a try so that we can enter into a new world of food love. Trying food based…

WATCH: Top 10 food items to grill

Grilling the food is an art. The artistic nature is what perhaps makes foodies easily fall in love with grilled food. There are some food items that are specially designed for the grill and the video below takes a look at them.

WATCH: 8 Game day appetizers

The Super Bowl happens this week and food is without a doubt going to be an integral part of the whole experience. There are some great game day appetizers which can get you into the right mood for the game and the video below takes a look at them.

WATCH: Party food hacks that you should know

Coming across a party filled with wide variety of food items is not a rare thing. As social human beings, we are bound to come across similar social gatherings. If you are a foodie just looking out for some food in such parties, then here are some tips that might help you.

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Building up a healthy and strong body can be a costly procedure. You have to intake food items that are rich in all kinds of nutrients and this in most cases makes them costly. But if you are someone looking to build up your body on a budget, then here is a video that could…

WATCH: 10 Families with bizarre eating habits

Whenever the word ‘bizarre’ is used in the same line with the word ‘food’, it manages to capture our attention. And this video isn’t going to be any different. The guys at Richest take a look at some of the bizarre eating habits that certain families have.