3 Anime foods that you can cook easily

It is impossible not to be mesmerized by Japanese anime foods when they frequently exhibit their exotic cuisine in the most aesthetic ways possible.  If you’re a Japanophile, here are some foods that would have enchanted you and are easy to make. Onigiri: It has made a special appearance in almost all anime from ‘Pokemon’…

Where did the fortune cookies come from? Here’s the answer

My favorite part of Chinese takeouts was always the fortune cookies. Breaking the cookie in half and reading my fortune was really fun for everyone in my family. We would read aloud our fortunes to each other. They even tasted good! When I was young, while roaming the streets of San Francisco, my dad would…

  Nothing like having some delicious Japanese cuisine on a Sunday afternoon. A vegan noodles with salad is sure to make your mouths water. Dig in with your loved ones for the perfect foodie night.

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  Seafood is something that many of us love; if it is prawns with a dash of pepper and garlic, it qualifies as an absolute delight! ❤ Checkout some delicious seafood recipes prepared in the very special Japanese style on the Japanese recipes app.